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Exploring Accessibility at the National Space Centre, Leicester: A Journey for All

Updated: Jun 29

Welcome to my personal blog, where I share my experience and insights on the accessibility features and experiences at the National Space Centre in Leicester. In this post, I aim to shed light on the efforts made by the National Space Centre to ensure that individuals with diverse abilities can enjoy and engage with the wonders of space exploration. Join me as we embark on a journey that embraces inclusivity and celebrates the limitless boundaries of knowledge.

1. Embracing Inclusive Design: The National Space Centre stands out for its commitment to inclusive design, making sure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can fully participate in the space adventure. From the moment you arrive, you'll notice the attention to detail in accessibility features. The entrance, pathways, and facilities are wheelchair-friendly, allowing easy navigation for individuals with mobility challenges.

l-shaped lift to the first floor

L-shaped lift to the first floor

L-Shaped lift

2. A Multisensory Experience: The National Space Centre goes above and beyond to create a multi-sensory experience for visitors. Through tactile displays, braille signage, and audio descriptions, individuals with visual impairments can immerse themselves in the exhibits. Interactive displays with tactile elements engage visitors' sense of touch, offering a unique opportunity to explore space artefacts.

Telescope at an accessible height

Telescope at an accessible height

A person in a wheelchair wheeling up to the hands-on exhibits

Could wheel under the majority of hands-on exhibits

3. Assistive Technologies and Resources: Recognizing the diverse needs of visitors, the National Space Centre provides assistive technologies and resources. Captioning and sign language interpretation services are available for multimedia presentations, ensuring that individuals with hearing impairments can fully participate. Additionally, the centre offers assistive listening devices and large-print materials for those who require them.

Touch terminals are easily accessible

4. Accessible Facilities and Amenities: Accessible facilities and amenities are an essential aspect of an inclusive experience. The National Space Centre excels in this regard, with accessible parking spaces, elevators, and ramps throughout the facility. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are conveniently located, and there are seating areas for visitors to take breaks and recharge.

A ramp into the ISS capsule

Ramp into ISS capsule

A person in a wheelchair accessing the ISS capsule

Easy access and manoeuvrability in the ISS capsule

5. Inclusive Programs and Events: The National Space Centre hosts a range of inclusive programs and events, providing opportunities for individuals of all abilities to engage in space-related activities. Workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions are designed to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities. These events foster a sense of community and encourage everyone to explore their passion for space exploration.

A wheelchair is able to wheel under the Cafe tables

Single pedestal tables in the Cafe area


The National Space Centre in Leicester sets an exemplary standard for accessibility and inclusivity in the realm of science and space exploration. By embracing inclusive design, providing assistive technologies, and offering accessible facilities and amenities, the centre ensures that everyone can share in the wonders of the universe. Whether you are a space enthusiast, a student, or simply curious about the cosmos, the National Space Centre welcomes you with open arms, inspiring a sense of awe and encouraging a sense of belonging for all who visit.

View of the National Space Centre from the first floor mezzanine

View from Mezzanine

Remember, the universe knows no bounds, and accessibility should be limitless too.

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