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Optional Extras

Additional equipment available

Windmill Barn cottages are equipped with essential accessibility features at no extra cost. These include a wheelchair lift, an H track hoist in the bedroom, a profiling bed with sides, en-suite wet-rooms, an over hot tub hoist, grab rails, and a lowered sink.


Additionally, if needed, a shower chair can be provided free of charge. Please refer to the options below for more details.

To further enhance your stay, Windmill Barns offers additional equipment for hire. You can conveniently book these items during the checkout process, subject to availability.

If you have any specific equipment requirements that are not mentioned here, please contact us, and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Please note that we are unable to provide slings for hoists, as these must be tailored to the individual using them. Therefore, we kindly request that guests bring their own slings.

Rise and Fall Chair


We have two options available for you to choose from.  

Electric rise and fall chair - This chair is equipped with an electric mechanism that allows for easy adjustment of the chair's height. You can opt for either a fabric or faux leather finish, depending on your preference.


Riser recliner chairs are designed to assist individuals in reclining, standing up, and sitting down with ease.

£10 per night

Mobile Oxford Hoist


One available

A freestanding mobile hoist that operates on electric power or battery. It features an angled boom specifically designed to aid in lifting.

This versatile hoist can be conveniently placed in various areas such as the lounge, kitchen, or bedroom, according to your specific needs.

A one of charge of £65.00

Toilet Standing Frame


One available

A free-standing toilet frame that offers additional support on both sides of the toilet. This frame can be used if you require extra assistance in addition to the grab rails that are already provided.

£5 per night

Walking Frame


One available

This item is specifically designed to enhance balance and stability, making it ideal for individuals with general leg weakness and helping to reduce the risk of falls. It is suitable for use both within our cottages and during outings.

£10 per night

Toilet Seat Riser


One available

We offer a raised toilet seat that is designed to minimize the distance a person needs to move when sitting down on the toilet. This seat can be easily attached to the existing toilet pan.

£5 per night

High Chair


One available

If you are bringing your little one along, we can offer an adjustable high chair with a removable tray. This high chair is suitable for use in both the kitchen and lounge areas.

£3 per night

Extra Profiling Bed


One available

If you need an additional profiling bed in addition to the one already provided, we can accommodate your request. The electric profiling bed will be placed in a separate bedroom from the existing profiling bed, which may require the removal of divan beds. If necessary, you can hire this bed along with the Oxford mobile hoist for your convenience.

£40 per night

Air Flow Mattress


One available

We offer an airflow mattress specifically designed for individuals with limited mobility in bed. This mattress is effective in alleviating and preventing pressure sores and ulcers. It operates by being filled with air through a pumping system.

£15 per night

Travel Cot


One available

Require a travel cot for your little one? Our full-size travel cot comes complete with a comfortable mattress. It can be conveniently placed in one of the bedrooms for your convenience.

£5 per night

Shower Trolley


One available

We offer a stable, comfortable, and convenient platform that facilitates the washing of service users by carers. This platform is height adjustable and equipped with castors for easy maneuverability. Please note that it requires the assistance of two individuals to move it into and out of the wet-room.

£8 per night

Pair of Bed Bumpers


One pair available

We provide full-length bedside bumpers that measure 200cm in length. These bumpers offer additional safety by padding both sides of the bed, minimizing the risk of injury or entrapment for the user. The bumpers are designed to be wipe cleanable and easily attach to the rails of the profiling bed. It's important to note that all our profiling beds come equipped with rails.

£8 per night

Charcoal BBQ


One available

We provide a charcoal barbecue along with one bag of charcoal. If needed, additional bags of charcoal can be purchased separately. The barbecue is accompanied by basic cooking utensils for your convenience.

Please note that the barbecue is designed for outdoor use only.

£30 per stay

Optional Extras

Early Check-In


The standard check-in time is at 4 pm. However, if you wish to arrive earlier and prolong your stay, you have the option to check in at 2 pm.

£40 per stay

Bring Your Dog


You are welcome to bring up to three dogs per cottage to join you in experiencing the stunning countryside setting. Please ensure that all dogs are fully toilet trained and do not cause any disturbance to other guests. The maximum limit is three dogs per cottage.

£8 per night, per dog

Late Check Out


The standard check-out time is set at 10am. However, if you need a bit more time on your day of departure, you have the option to extend it until 11am.

£20 per stay

Shower Chairs and Stools

If you need a shower chair for the en-suite shower room, we offer a selection of five chairs for you to choose from, and they are provided at no extra cost. To reserve your preferred chair, please send us an email with your choice after completing your booking.

Option 1


Option 4


Option 2


Option 3


Option 5


To request additional equipment, please make sure to include them during the checkout process when making your reservation.

If you have specific requirements for shower stalls, kindly send us an email with your preferences after completing your booking.

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