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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Updated: Jul 10

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1 I'm a Real Person

No website will get to know you personally or work harder to deliver your travel dreams! #DontAskAMachine to understand your human needs and passions.

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2 I Do The Hard Work

It's my job to do the research, sort through the offers and read the fine print for you, saving you time and stress.


3 Extras Are Us

I often add value and bonus benefits not available to the public.


4 I'm An Insider

There are offers consumers can't get and things you can't know from the pictures. I've been there, done that, booked it or trained on it.


5 I Save You Money

Backed by an agency with 27 years at the top of the travel industry and our best price guarantee - you'll never pay more.

Understanding different customer needs

6 I Get You

I've come to know you and I've been where you are, I know what you mean when you say "Luxury", "Affordable" or more importantly "Accessible"


7 My Service Doesn't End With The Sale

No website will make sure your passport is valid, you're checked in ahead of time, have special assistance, dinner or show reservations, sightseeing and other plans that make your trip easier and more memorable.


8 Someone Is There

I am always a phone call away, backed by one of the top agencies - Inteletravel - so your trip is truly a vacation.


9 Feels Good To Shop Local

It feels better to help a local business owner succeed rather than make a big company or impersonal website richer.


10 My Amazing Services Are Free

A Travel Agent, who will save you money and make your trip better, costs you exactly NOTHING.

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