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The Premier River Cruise Operator in Europe

As the leading river cruise operator in Europe, CroisiEurope proudly owns and operates an impressive fleet of 50 company-owned ships along with five chartered vessels. Renowned as Europe's largest river ship owners, we have established ourselves as a prominent presence in the industry. While the Rhine, Danube, and their tributaries remain popular river cruise destinations, we have gone above and beyond by crafting innovative itineraries that cater to diverse interests. Recognizing the importance of expanding our horizons, we offer unique cruises to captivating destinations such as the Seine, Rhône, Tisza in Hungary, Guadalquivir in Spain, Douro in Portugal, Dordogne and Garonne in Bordeaux. Moreover, we extend our reach to more exotic locales, including the Mekong in Vietnam and Lake Kariba in Southern Africa.

With a fleet set to expand to 60 ships by 2020, CroisiEurope solidifies its position as Europe's largest river cruise operator. Our dedicated team of over 1600 staff ensures exceptional service and unforgettable experiences. We proudly navigate 39 rivers worldwide, exploring 37 countries across the globe. Our offerings range from standard to premium river cruise ships on a cruise-only basis, supplemented by an ocean-going cruise ship boasting all-suite accommodations, a coastal cruise ship, and six canal hotel barges.

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