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Star Clippers

Unforgettable Voyages Aboard Majestic Tall Ships

For nearly three decades, Star Clippers has been at the forefront of providing extraordinary sailing experiences on some of the world's most remarkable and iconic vessels.

Operating three of the largest and tallest sailing ships globally, Star Clippers invites guests to embark on a voyage like no other. These magnificent vessels visit intimate ports that are often untouched by larger cruise ships, granting an exclusive and immersive experience. With activities, amenities, and an ambience reminiscent of a private yacht, Star Clippers has earned its reputation as one of the leading speciality cruise lines. Delight in the romantic allure of sailing aboard an authentic tall ship, where a relaxed atmosphere and impeccable service from a dedicated crew await. Expansive teak decks, inviting swimming pools, informal dining options, a convivial Tropical Bar, and a cozy piano bar add to the allure of these remarkable vessels.

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