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Ambassador Cruise Line

Introducing the Unparalleled Ambassador Experience

Prepare to embrace effortless and sustainable cruising. Our mission is to inspire and enchant every guest, providing an authentic cruise experience that is both seamless and eco-friendly.

As the newest cruise line in Britain, we have masterfully combined tradition and innovation to create a timeless cruise experience that feels like home. We are deeply committed to safeguarding our oceans and destinations, which is why our ships surpass the latest environmental standards. This includes eliminating single-use plastic on board and utilizing energy-efficient engines.

With the warmest of greetings from our dedicated crew, we invite your guests to embark on the friendliest ships afloat. We have meticulously cultivated an ambience that fosters enduring friendships among guests and crew members, fostering a close-knit Ambassador community.

The era of the new classic has arrived at last.

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